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St Martha's at sunset

This beautiful photo by Michael Sowerby was taken trecently.

Ninth Sunday after Trinity

Readings and reflections

St Thomas's service 2 August

See this recording of Sunday's service.

St Thomas' service 26 July 2020

Click through to a link to recording of the service.

Seventh Sunday after Trinity

Reflections for this day: to negotiate narrow places, it is necessary to carry little baggage…

Sixth Sunday after Trinity

Reflections on this Sunday’s readings

Reflections for Fifth Sunday after Trinity

The call today is to listen and reflect. What do our days look like? How does the way they are divided indicate our values and priorities?

Service at St Thomas's Sunday 12 July

Watch this recording of the service on the Fifth Sunday in Trinity at St Thomas's

Service at St Thomas'

Live recording 5 July 2020

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