Third Sunday after Trinity
The three verses that make up today’s Gospel reading are about the ‘sending out’ of twelve of the disciples, who now become ‘Apostles’, from the Greek, meaning those who are ‘sent out’.
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Second Sunday after Trinity
Reflections and prayers to peruse
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Watch a recording
Of the service at St. Thomas' Church, Chilworth on Sunday 22 June 2020.
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Sixth Sunday of Easter
On Rogation Sunday it was traditional to walk the boundary of the parish asking for God’s blessing on, primarily the growing crops, but also, on all that lay within.
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Fifth Sunday of Easter
St Stephen died entrusting his spirit to the loving arms of God and praying forgiveness for his tormentors.
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for the Fourth Sunday of Easter
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No services
There will be no services at either St Thomas' or St Martha's until further notice.
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All services and events
All services and events at both churches are cancelled until further notice
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Stunning pics of St Martha's from the air
Warmest thanks to PC Jim Annand, Tactical Flight Officer for sending these to the church
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Dark Sky Series
Winter evening hilltop recitals at St Martha's on Sundays 7.45 pm - click on title for more info
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