Poem for Remembrance

Two minutes silence for the dead,
I thought of the fields when they were red,
Not with poppies, but with blood,
Two minutes for the dead.

Stood in the crowd
And bowed my head
Not in shame but in reverence,
Last post is sounding, eyes are red.
But Reveille is sounding for me instead.


Charlotte visited Ypres in March 2017 and after seeing Tyne Cot and the Museum at Passchendaele was very aware she was treading where her great grand-father, Driver Richard Wyatt had fought 100 years ago.

He served as a Gunner Driver with the Royal Field Artillery and was severely wounded when a shell exploded near him and his horse as they were pulling a field gun. He was treated locally at the Field Hospital and returned to England where he was declared unfit for further service.

Charlotte wrote the poem after her visit.


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