The Diocesan Goals

The Parochial Church Council of the Parish of Chilworth are planning with the Vicar how to meet the Bishop's Diocesan Goals for transforming the church now and in the years to come. 

Transforming Church, Transforming Lives is the Vision and Mission Strategy for the Diocese of Guildford. 

The links on this page to the Diocese's website explain the context and the purpose of the strategy.  These planning tools have been given to us to help.

This page will share the Parish of Chilworth's plans after Easter 2017.

The 12 Goals


1. Making Disciples

2. Increasing Believers

3. Growing Youth and Children's Ministry

4. Developing lay leaders

5. Recruiting more clergy

6. Cultivating community partnerships

7. Reaching beyond borders

8. Nurturing education

9. Encouraging generous giving

10. Sharing expertise

11. Communicating effectively

12. Improving church buildings




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