Knit & Natter

We aren't all expert knitters and some of us are absolute beginners but we love getting together once a month to learn new stitches and have a natter.  Next meeting in St Thomas' Church Room to be announced.

Do come along and join us at St Thomas’ including any gentlemen who may wish to learn to knit!

Those of you who have been regularly will know that we are knitting small items to sell at the Chilworth Infant Fair at the end of November.

I have been asked if we would like to have some of the fantastic Alpaca wool from Chilworth Manor to make even more items, maybe with a Christmas theme.  We could sell these at the Fair but also give them to Chilworth Manor to sell with their Christmas Trees. Any proceeds from these items would be given back to the church. 

I think this is a great idea and look forward to your thoughts.

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