Renewing vows in St Thomas'

IMG_9777 Ali and David Oakden celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in July 2016 by renewing their vows in St Thomas'.  It was a lovely day: Ali and David were surrounded by family and friends, some of whom had travelled a long way to be there.  Ali and David renewed their vows during the service; then David did a quick change from husband to priest and officiated with Stephanie at communion.
After the service, everyone celebrated with cake and a glass of fizz.  Everything was given by friends to make the day special:  a cake, plenty of champagne and food for the buffet lunch.  The flowers had been given to them by the bride from her wedding at a service David had taken a few days before.  IMG_9780
IMG_9786 It was a truly loving and generous hearted occasion.   Afterwards, Ali said she felt overwhelmed by everyone's love and kindness and God's goodness to her and David.


Highlights of 2016
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